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Another Unreleased Google Pixel Shows Up For Sale – Review Geek

Another Unreleased Google Pixel Shows Up For Sale – Review Geek


It seems that there’s a leak in Google’s manufacturing process. Just last week, a Pixel 7 prototype appeared on eBay, and another prototype passed off as a “Pixel 6 Pro” in a Facebook Marketplace sale. Now, someone is trying (or was trying) to sell a Pixel 6a on Facebook.

The Pixel 6a listing, which was discovered by Technik News’ Nils Ahrensmeier, was quickly removed from Facebook Marketplace. But it contained images of a working retail Pixel 6a, which is odd, as this phone isn’t supposed to launch until July 21st.

This listing appears to come from someone in Malaysia. And judging by the fake grass in one of the listing’s photos, this “someone” is the same “someone” who posted Pixel 6a unboxing videos on TikTok.

How this person acquired a retailed Pixel 6a is a mystery. For what it’s worth, all of Google’s upcoming products (the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel Watch) have managed to slip out of factories and into regular peoples’ hands. They probably “fell off the truck,” or whatever, but there’s also a small chance that Google is intentionally leaking devices.

Pre-orders for the Pixel 6a open July 21st, and according to Verizon, the phone ships July 28th. It features a Tensor processor and other perks from the Pixel 6-series, but it only costs $450.

Source: Nils Ahrensmeier via Android Central

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