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Advertising your website with pay per click PPC

Advertising your website and checking analytics on a tablet

Pay per click is a form of paid advertisement offered by search engines which allow you to setup advertisements utilizing key words or phrases that appear on listings. When viewers search for something similar to those keywords in your listing your ad would appear toward the top or on a side panel of the search results displayed to the customer. Unlike TV, radio, or magazine ads, you don’t pay for viewership, instead you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. A good pay per click campaign can quickly become the best way of advertising your website.

Pay per click campaigns can be very useful in advertising your website and getting you new customers at affordable rates. Keep in mind that this is an advertising campaign and like any campaign its results and effectiveness depends on how well it’s planned and implemented. Read More →

Tips for expanding your business

woman sewing clothing can grow business with tips for expanding

In an article on fox business they offered six tips for expanding your business, this included things like adding new products and services which will broaden your customer base, up-selling to existing customers, expanding into new territories, tap into new sales and delivery channels and so on. We’re going to touch the topics of expanding into new territories and delivery channels on this post as it pertains to technology. An easy and cost effective ways of expanding if you sell products is moving your business online, this can include selling your products on sites Read More →

Blog writing for your business

Office girl blog writing on laptop

With the rise of social media over the years and platforms like Facebook and Google plus taking the wheel, blogs have sort of taken the back seat and in many instances even been forgotten about by most business owners. Blog writing can help a business owner connect with potential customers interested in their offerings. Potential customers are looking for information using online searches and likely don’t know your company exists, meaning of course they aren’t following the company on either of the social media platforms previously mentioned.

The advantages of a blog include complete control over how you display your information, there are no advertisements thrown into the middle of your article and no distracting ads included on the sides unless you decide to add them which gives you control as to who can advertise and reach your article’s readers and followers, Read More →