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Netgear Home Routers Vulnerability

Over one million Netgear customers are being warned about a vulnerability.   The new vulnerability can give hackers complete control over home based routers.  Simon Kenin, Trustwave security researche...

Why small businesses should consider cloud computing?

First let us remind you that “the cloud”, as many refer to it, is simply a place where you can access apps, services, store data, and as long as you have an internet connection, no matter where you are, you always have access to it.

With a cloud application, you just open a browser, log in and start working.  The cloud has become very popular and integral to many individuals and businesses.  But many are still missing out on the benefits a cloud service offers.  Cloud services can be especially practical for small businesses for many reasons.   Let us go over just a few.

“Adobe Systems will pay $1.2 million settlement”

Adobe Systems was involved in a series of data breaches in October of 2013 in which 38 million accounts were affected in many states.  Three years later, Adobe Systems will pay a $1.2 million settlement to 15 states.  At that time it was one of the largest known data breaches to occur.  Stolen data included “names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, usernames and encrypted payment card 

Save money with internet based phone systems

VoIP PhoneOver the years phone systems have evolved and new technology has made its way into our homes and businesses. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet based phone systems allows phone calls to be made over an internet connection instead of a traditional land line.

This kind of system became popular due to its low price range in comparison to traditional lines allowing users to make unlimited calls at a set monthly price point instead of a per minute plan used for traditional lines, this also made international calling more affordable. For a healthcare provider with 3 locations and a total of 10 lines we saw savings of just over $800.00 per month

Computer repair or MSP? What’s right for your business.

Customer service representativeAs technology evolves many computer repair and management companies have gone the MSP (managed service provider) route. Traditionally companies could compete selling hardware and software and would make additional income fixing computers or other network components, technology has evolved however and companies have moved their I.T. infrastructure onto the cloud, that and the rise of competition and lower hardware costs have eliminated profit in the hardware sales industry.

The change has also lead to more complex IT infrastructures as technology itself has become more complex and the need to leverage the cloud with onsite or on premise equipment needs are on the rise as well as implementation of new regulatory laws and requirements that struggle to keep up with the adherent risk of online and network based security concerns are applied, so technology companies adopted and moved on.

Selecting the right router

I’ve had conversations before where friends, family or even customers have asked my opinion on a certain type of router, I’ve been asked, what kind of router should I buy? Should I replace my router? and of course, whats a good router brand? All this in an effort in selecting the right router.

I really don’t like answering these questions since their vague. They also assume that a specific brand makes 100% of their routers better than others. Also that one type of router can fit any user’s needs, this is like asking what the best car or car brand is and you cant really give a definitive answer. One brand may make a specific type of vehicle or model more reliable than their competitors while the competitor offers better reliability in another vehicle type. We haven’t considered the type of use, minivans are better at one thing while trucks have the advantage elsewhere.

Comparisons aside lets talk routers, due to the large quantity of manufacturers and models we wont touch on any one specifically and there are plenty of sites out there that provide user reviews on specific models anyway, but instead mention the differences between home use and business use so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

DIY vs. professionally developed websites


Coffee shop owners

There are many companies advertising do it yourself (DIY) websites and most offer these sites at a substantially low price range when compared to professionally developed websites. Hiring a developer or a company to create a custom built website for you may not seem appealing in comparison however like most things in life you get what you pay for. This isn’t to say DIY websites are bad however and what option is right for you really depends on your needs. This post will do a comparison and provide some examples on when one might work better than the other.

Tips for expanding your business

woman sewing clothing can grow business with tips for expanding

In an article on fox business they offered six tips for expanding your business, this included things like adding new products and services which will broaden your customer base, up-selling to existing customers, expanding into new territories, tap into new sales and delivery channels and so on. We’re going to touch the topics of expanding into new territories and delivery channels on this post as it pertains to technology. An easy and cost effective ways of expanding if you sell products is moving your business online, this can include selling your products on sites

Some Players Selling “Pokémon Go” Accounts on eBay

A little over a week after launch, the game “Pokémon Go” continues to remain popular making it the top free and top grossing app on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.  According to research firm ...

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