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Simplify your hiring strategy, tips for finding the right employee

interview for finding the right employee

As a small company we don’t have the resources bigger organizations can deploy to finding the right employee. I don’t have the personnel or time necessary to review each resume/application we get and verify the information.

Making things worse is that many use templates or resume creation tools like those found on indeed to create their resume, so all resumes look and read the same. There are many articles on hiring good employees and full of suggestions like:

  • Pre-screen candidates
  • Review each resume carefully
  • Ask the right interview questions
  • etc.

Finding the right employee is easier if we narrow our search by testing our candidates for the skills we require throughout the hiring process.

Doing this we were able to quickly narrow eligible candidates with minimal effort and in a very short period of time (minutes vs. hours).

At the time of this writing we are hiring for three different positions, one is a social media associate. Our requirements among others called for a self motivated, focused and responsible person with attention to detail who is able to work independently.

So I got started. I posted the job opening on our blog and included a form that applicants needed to fill in COMPLETELY. I shared this on social media and posted the same on indeed with one difference, Read More →

Benefits of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Business Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Although CRM software has been around for a while, it’s only recently that more and more business owners have started integrating it into their companies. The CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) software can be very beneficial to any business, small or large.

A CRM platform can help manage and analyze customer interactions as well as data.  CRM tools allow you to automate different interactions with leads. You can also track all future sale opportunities.  Another huge benefit from using the CRM is that all information and documents entered in the CRM, are manageable from any device.  All your work is saved in an easy-to-use place.  As a business owner, the CRM will help you track the performance and efficiency of your employees.

You can also look at the CRM as one of your marketing strategies.  Most CRM softwares offer auto repetitive tasks to enhance your marketing skills. This promotes efficiency in your business by automatically tracking and following-up with leads and clients. Giving you more time to market your business in many other ways.  The advantages that come with a CRM platform can be endless.  From managing contacts, to Read More →

Three tips for a more efficient desktop

capture of a non efficient desktop
When it comes to a users desktop and their computer use habits one thing almost always stands out, a cluttered desktop.

For one reason or another people like saving things onto their desktop and many times we find a plethora of shortcut icons for a large number of if not all their installed programs and applications as well as many of their files and documents, in some cases users create folders on the desktop and separate files by type in attempts to better organize themselves.

Here are three simple tips that can help you get more organized for better productivity and overall efficiency. Read More →