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What is evergreen content?

Lady typing on a laptopEvergreen content simply put is content that lasts, this is content that is still relevant into the future. One of the best ways to stand out over your competition is branding yourself. You create your brand and market your experience, dedication, and knowledge. Writing blogs or creating videos on your industry help you display your knowledge and displays you as an industry expert. The problem lies in the time needed to create such media engagement and that’s where evergreen content comes into play. Read More →

Be honest, be yourself, get more clients

be yourself - man in blue suite laughing The question in every business owners mind is, how can I get more clients? Your business can’t thrive without new clientele and marketing strategies are meant to bring you just that. But how? Reaching your target audience isn’t hard and now more than ever you have all the tools available to do just that.

Tools however aren’t enough. Plenty of people are using the same tools and following the same trends that are supposed to get you exposure. But, how are you supposed to stand out when you do the same thing as everyone else? First, ignore the trends. Read More →

Importance of branding your business

BrandingOpening a new business is no small feat and neither is running one. Depending on your business model and capital available, many small business owners start by filling many hats. With all that you are responsible for don’t forget that branding your business should take up an important role within your business plan.

A brand makes it easier for your customers to distinguish your business from the masses. Branding gives your business an identity Read More →

Helping Businesses Stand Out

Make your business standSmall business owners face many challenges.  Most are not only in charge of running the business but are also left to make quick decisions.  While most decisions are small and have little to no impact, some of the most common decisions all business owners face have major impact.  One of the most important decisions all business owners have to make is what strategy to use to help its business stand out from the large crowd.  This decision will deliver either amazing results or negative results.  With so much work to do and many decisions to make, it’s very common for business owners to go for a strategy that doesn’t require so much work. Truth is, you must be the lucky one if that easy strategy works for you! Read More →