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Working Remotely

Five Best Security Practices For Working Remotely

While most of us are now having to work from home, security issues is a topic that should be addressed. Especially during this time of uncertainty.  As a dedicated managed service IT provider & IT support team we are here to share a few security tips and best practices.

Below are a few tips for best practices when working from home, and accessing your company’s business network or resources through your home internet.

Conducting a cyber security risk assessment for your business

cyber security risk assessmentBusinesses of all types use technology to drive essential business functions. From sales, to accounts receivable, to automation and productivity improvement. This could include your point of sale (POS) system, customer relationship management (CRM), workstations, servers, networking equipment and more. However, as you add technology to your business, your risk is elevated, especially when insufficient cyber security is implemented. Unidentified risks cannot be mitigated, thus providing cyber criminals with a playground for executing cyber crimes. So it’s recommended that every business conduct a cyber security risk assessment.

risk assessment

Steps for conducting a risk assessment

Compromised business functions usually result in losses. If your business sales an average of $1000 an hour and your sales system goes down for 2 hours you experience a loss. A loss in this instance includes $2000 worth of sales, plus the cost of the repair, plus the cost of future revenue lost. Customers that were lost likely won’t return or make referrals, this makes up future revenue. Not to mention potential referrals lost. This is why conducting a risk assessment is a good idea.

The importance of regulations

If your business is upon those covered by regulatory laws, you may think of them as a painful requirement. Not to mention expensive, when you consider the cost of hiring staff to meet such requirement...

Remove viruses and clean up your Windows computer

There are all types of malware and getting a virus can disrupt your day and workflow. Try these 3 easy steps to remove viruses and malware. Cleaning up your computer will also help it run smoother. Then clean up your desktop to help you become more productive.

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