Forget about Facebook likes

As the title suggests, you should forget about Facebook likes. There are many people starting out with digital marketing obsessed with things like how many likes their page has. It’s understandable as this has played a big role in the past. Unfortunately Facebook has changed it’s algorithm. It changed and so must we, we need to adjust our marketing efforts and techniques to match the tools we use. Among it’s changes Facebook now ranks reactions higher than page likes. Concentrate your efforts instead in creating content that elicits reactions. A reaction whether a like, smiley face or angry face means people are engaging and that’s the purpose of social media after all. 


You probably already know that video is the new trend. You likely also heard that people have short attention spans and you should keep videos short. Facebook ranks long videos with higher completion rates higher than short videos however. It really comes down to what we often say in many of our posts, it’s about quality content. People will not only watch long videos but also share and engage them so long as the topic and video are of interest.

Authentic Content

Facebook has new signals to identify authentic content. Your page is categorized in order to match an audience. Things like asking for likes , comments or shares along with posting links to spam filled websites or people hiding your posts hurt you. Perhaps you see a trend here, it’s always a better tactic to play the game than try and trick it. Post content of interest and value to your readers and you will see it pay off in your long time success. Coming up with authentic content doesn’t have to be difficult. Be yourself and express yourself by posting opinion based content. Instead of simply stating facts that are being reported by news or other industry media give your opinion on the subject.


About the author

Josue Nolasco – VP of Green Shield Technology.

Graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a bachelors in network cyber security. I attended the Travel Channel Academy  which was great fun and have been working with small businesses owners for years helping them implement new technologies for a better and more productive management of their business.

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