Mistakes that will kill your website

laptop displaying the google home pageThere are many mistakes that will kill your website, many times these relate to taking shortcuts. We’ve written about good digital marketing techniques and the importance websites, blogs, and social media profiles. One thing we haven’t really covered is patience. You can develop a great digital marketing strategy but without a large budget to purchase paid advertising with it will take time to grow your audience.

Fake traffic

There are sites like freelance.com and fiverr.com which allow you to hire people for freelance work. These sites and others including craigslist.org are filled with people promising to bring you lots of traffic in short periods of time. Their services are marketed as good for search engine optimization (SEO). The idea being that if there is lots of traffic to your site, search engines will take notice. The problem lies in how the traffic is created. In the majority of cases the traffic is generated by bots or software. This type of traffic can be recognized by search engines and not work as advertised. If you make money displaying ads on your site, your advertising network will likely catch on and disqualify your site.

Mass backlink building

Similar to fake traffic, you can find backlink builders. Backlinks, simply put are links to your website located on other sites. Backlinks play an important role in generating traffic to your site and ranking high on search engines. The problem is that the good backlinks come from relevant sources. If your business is selling, installing and repairing air conditioners it would be good to have a link from an article on saving money by maintaining your A/C unit. Mass backlinks are normally generated by bots inserting comments on other blogs with a link to your site. Problem one is that those are normally deleted by the blog’s moderator. Problem two is that this practice can lead to a negative impact on your SEO.

Never update

The first two mistakes that will kill your website are probably the worst but, this one is more common. Some owners hire a web developer or make their own website then forget about the site. Traffic to your website is driven through organic or paid sources like Pay per click or other ads. Organic traffic relates to the content on your site, so you should always be adding new and updated content. It’s therefore a good idea to change and add new content regularly. You should have a good amount of evergreen content mixed with some updated information. Check out our article on evergreen content.

If it’s not already you should also update your website’s design to ensure it’s mobile friendly. It’s been our experience that most of the traffic to our site and those of our customers are over 50% from mobile devices. Non mobile friendly sites can alienate that traffic as well as hurt your SEO as this is a big consideration for search engines.

About the author

Josue Nolasco – VP of Green Shield Technology.

Graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a bachelors in network cyber security. I attended the Travel Channel Academy  which was great fun and have been working with small businesses owners for years helping them implement new technologies for a better and more productive management of their business.

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