Should you hire a digital marketing agency?

should you hire a digital marketing agency? Understanding business marketingAll business owners understand the importance of marketing their business, here’s just 7 reasons why. Some undertake the responsibility themselves and are successful at it, but should you hire a digital marketing agency? It depends on your resources, and requirements.

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting you own business is not an easy undertaking. You typically need to learn many new things and wear many hats as you may have more time than money. You must learn to fill the role of a marketer, salesman, public relations, accountant and more. Eventually once you begin to grow, you hire people and pass on some of those responsibilities. When it comes to marketing there are many reasons why it may make more sense to hire a marketing agency over hiring an in house marketer.

In house vs an agency

When hiring an agency you typically end up with much more value and resources than a single person can offer through cumulative experience. An agency will normally have a team with varied knowledge in different fields. You are likely to find a content developers, designers, social media associates, web developers, IT consultants, SEO specialists, and more. Typically you won’t find one person that understands and can fill in all of these roles.

Each role within a marketing agency requires knowledge on industry best practices, tools, and frameworks associated to the job. As things change and evolve these persons must continue to learn new skills and techniques to keep up with competitors.


Hiring someone with the required skills won’t be inexpensive. The cost of hiring someone to manage your marketing needs also extends beyond what you pay them. Consider the cost of the tools required to create attention grabbing images, make and publish content, develop website designs, coding, and test your marketing efforts. Also consider the cost associated with downtime your employee requires to learn new skills or programs.


Any marketing campaign takes time to plan, develop and execute. No campaign can be very effective without reporting and measuring results which also takes time. Once reports are generated you need to analyze the information to find and improve on shortcomings. Time is the one thing we can never get back and being able to manage your time can lead to your company’s success.

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