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As a business owner you want to reach as many people in your target market as you can.  To reach that goal, you will need to explore a variety of marketing channels. One of those channels is Bing Ads.  There are so many reasons why business owners should advertise with Bing.  Bing offers it’s own PPC (pay-per-click) marketing service, which is very similar to Google AdWords.  The powerful advantages that Bing Ads has may surprise you, pay attention while we go over a few!

  1. Cheaper Cost Per Click -If you decide to advertise with Bing, you can now save money thanks to cheaper cost per clicks.  You will be able to afford more clicks which means more traffic and higher conversions!
  2. Greater Ad Flexibility -While other PPC marketing channels have ad limits, Bing does not!  More flexibility and less limitations in advertising is always a good thing.  Bing offers a 40-character title limit, while others offer less.
  3. Import Marketing Campaigns – Already advertising with Google AdWords? No problem, Bing allows you to import your Google AdWords campaign directly into Bing Ads. This process is done using the Bing Ads editor tool.  You choose the campaigns you would like to import.  The process is simple and quick!
  4. Broader Reach Of Your Campaign – One great benefit of advertising with Bing Ads is broader reach.  In other words, your ads are not only being displayed in one network, your campaigns are also advertised in Yahoo.

Overall, advertising with Bing Ads can be a great idea that can deliver great results. Since fewer people are advertising with Bing, PPC with Bing does not cost as much as Google AdWords.  This will allow you to save money while still getting great results.





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