Succeed in marketing by getting started

To succeed in marketing you simply need to start marketing. There are many platforms available you can use to market your brand with, we’ve covered many on this blog already. The problem many seem to have is they spend so much time researching that they never get started doing. Doing your research is important. Research helps with ROI (return on investment) and ensures you aren’t wasting your time. The problem is, the more research you do the more trends you read about and you might later find yourself doing what others have already done.

I covered the importance of avoiding this in Be honest, be yourself, get more clients.

More importantly however is doing what works for you. Marketing channels and tactics that work in one industry may not work in another. Similarly, geographic locations and customer demographic will impact what works within the same industry. If you apply the same tactics as others in your industry but target a different audience you may not experience the same results.


All this means that you won’t really know what works until you actually start marketing. The only thing you really need to know is the basics of marketing. Start by getting a clear understanding of your target audience, and try to narrow it down as much as possible. I’m not suggesting you only sell your products or services to a narrow audience, simply that you focus your marketing to one. Doing so means you get a clear understanding of where, what, and when you should market your brand.

Measure results

You should understand and set in place a strategy for measuring results. Your goal is to succeed in marketing, this means you must adjust your marketing efforts constantly to find what works best for you. Measuring the results of your marketing efforts will make it easy to see your ROI. Similarly you can compare the impact of different media, wording, times, color schemes, messages, etc. to guide your efforts.

Regardless of the media type, try and measure results based both reach and actual conversions. If you receive a call from a lead ask where and how they hear about you and write it down, then see if it leads to a conversion. With pay per click ads, compare the number of clicks to the number of conversions, etc. Doing so will help you analyze the impact of your message.

There is much that you can do to succeed in marketing, but first, start marketing. You can find related marketing articles throughout our blog and I invite you to check them out, but first, go open an business account on a social media platform of your choice and start creating interactions.


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