More Video Marketing for Your Business

Video marketing is on the rise and has proven to be a powerful marketing strategy.  In a fast-paced world, it’s critical to find unique ways to make your company brand stand out from the rest. Video marketing might be the answer!  Let’s be honest,  most times people will prefer to watch a two-minute video versus taking 10 minutes to read the same information.  Check out these great benefits of video marketing for your business!

  1. Search Engines Love Video Content – Search engines will look for content that engages viewers!  Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you put your videos and website on YouTube, your marketing strategy is much more powerful!  By doing that, you are increasing your visibility and your chances of getting found are much higher.  Using video to market your business creates huge SEO advantages.
  2. Conversion Rates – Believe it or not, watching a great compelling presenter in a video can definitely influence and persuade a buyer!  The visitor of your video now converts into a lead and eventually a customer.  All it takes is a great planned video and a compelling presenter with the correct words!
  3. Video Will Build Trust and Credibility – All your videos will create a personality for your company brand.  This will help you to connect with your viewer and eventually earn their trust.  Videos will help educate and inform your customers about who you are and why they should make business with you.  We all know trust will eventually translate to sales!

As you can see, video marketing creates advantages you can’t find anywhere. Advantages that you definitely will not get from written content marketing.  When you think of video marketing, just imagine wider reach that’s what it really is.  You create an amazing video, share it, and now your viewers will share helping you reach thousands more.  If you are not already using video to market your business, start now!


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