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“Data Breach on VTech Learning Lodge (update)”

The company Vtech an electronics manufacturer making wireless phones, baby monitors and many electronic child learning toys like the popular InnoTV and Kidizoom action cam suffered from a data breach. The breach was discovered on November 24 2015 and the information accessed contained “user profile information including name, email address, password, secret question and answer […]

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“Accenture: Healthcare Cyber-attacks to Hit $305B Over 5 Years”

According to a recent survey from Accenture, (an investment holding company with interest in providing management consulting serving clients in major industries around the world, including Health and Public Service), the monetary cost from healthcare cyber-attacks will increase significantly over the next several years. Over the next five years, healthcare cyber-attacks will costs $305 billion […]

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“LastPass Phishing Attack”

LastPass the popular single-sign-on and password management service could allow attackers to fully compromise user accounts. The flaw was discovered by researcher, Sean Cassidy. Cassidy calls this attack “LostPass.” In Cassidy’s blog post he explains that the vulnerability he discovered allows attackers to trick LastPass users into thinking that while online, they were automatically logged […]