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Chrome to Ditch Data-Saving Mode on Mobile – Review Geek

Chrome to Ditch Data-Saving Mode on Mobile – Review Geek

Justin Duino

Now that mobile data is relatively cheap, very few people use the data-saving apps that were so popular throughout the 2010s. That’s why Google will kill off Chrome’s Lite Mode, previously called Data Saver mode, on March 29th.

The news comes from a Google Support post, of all places. In it, a Chrome Support Manager explains that Chrome Lite Mode will die on March 29th with the Chrome version 100 mobile release.

In recent years we’ve seen a decrease in cost for mobile data in many countries, and we’ve shipped many improvements to Chrome to further minimize data usage and improve web page loading. Although Lite mode is going away, we remain committed to ensuring Chrome can deliver a fast webpage loading experience on mobile.

As noted by Craig (the Support Manager), Chrome still utilizes data-saving features without Lite Mode. Google will continue to minimize data usage in the app without harming users’ browsing experience.

The news of Chrome Lite Mode’s death may come as a disappointment to some people, which is understandable. But Google still offers Lite versions of its apps. These Lite apps are intended for the low-power Android Go operating system, which happens to be popular in regions where mobile data is more expensive.

Bear in mind that Lite Mode is a server-side feature. Once it’s discontinued, it won’t work on any version of the Chrome Android app.

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