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Fitbit Ioniq Watches Recalled Due to “Burn Hazard” – Review Geek

Fitbit Ioniq Watches Recalled Due to “Burn Hazard” – Review Geek


Fitbit has voluntarily recalled all of its Ioniq watches, referring to the products as a “burn hazard.” All customers who return their Ioniq watch through the official refund portal will receive $300 and a 40% discount on select Fitbit devices. This information applies to most countries, not just the United States.

It’s been nearly five years since the Fitbit Ioniq’s launch. Since then, the company has received at least 115 reports of the watch overheating (and that’s just from U.S. customers). It seems that a flaw in the Ioniq’s battery is responsible for this problem.

While there are no known reports of Ioniq batteries catching fire, at least 78 U.S. customers have been burned by their Ioniq watch. Of those 78 customers, four experienced second-degree burns. Only two U.S. customers have experienced third-degree burns, according to Fitbit and the CPSC.

This recall only applies to Fitbit’s Ioniq watch. That said, this isn’t the first report we’ve seen of Fitbits overheating. In 2020, we noticed a report of a Fitbit Versa 2 burning and scarring a customer’s wrist.

If you own a Fitbit Ioniq, you should stop using it and immediately contact Fitbit for that $300 refund and 40% off coupon. I suggest using the company’s official refund portal, which works in all countries eligible for the recall. Customers in the U.S. can also contact Fitbit by phone at (888)-925-1764.

Source: Fitbit, CSPC

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