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Greenway Health Ransomware Attack

Greenway Health, electronic health records and practice management software vendor may be the latest victim of ransomware attack.

Greenway technicians discovered the breach after identifying activity that pointed to ransomware attack.  After confirming their suspicions, the company immediately deployed action teams.  They also brought in outside help as rapid response team under contract.  The attack affected 400 client organizations who use the company’s Intergy cloud-hosted platform.  Greg Schulenberg, Greenway Health’s COO said the affected clients have had their EHR’s restored.  To inform people of the incident, Greenway Health created a website  Finally, the Greenway spokeswoman declined to disclose specifics about the kind of ransomware involved in the incident.

The Greenway Health ransomware incident should be looked as an important reminder. A reminder that just because you have your EHR hosted by a vendor, does not eliminate your responsibility to create a recovery and continuity plan.  Furthermore, healthcare providers should test their own recovery and continuity plan.  Based on those results, make adjustments to your plan.  In addition to your plan, make frequent back-ups of all data.  Again, make sure to test the back-ups regularly to make sure they are usable.  Use effective anti-malware tools.  These help to identify and stop ransomware.  Most importantly, provide ransomware training to your employees.  In conclusion, everyone should be aware and alert.