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How to Enable or Disable the Startup Sound on Mac

The Mac has a distinct startup sound that chimes every time you boot up your Mac. Except for the Macs sold between 2016 and 2020, it’s the default option for every Mac. Here’s how to enable or disable the startup sound on Mac.

Mac users who are running macOS Big Sur and higher can now enable or disable the startup sound with the flick of a switch. In case you are not familiar with the Mac startup sound, take a look at the following clip.

You can enable or disable the startup sound for your Mac quite easily from the System Preferences menu.

Click the Apple button from the left side of the Mac menu bar and choose the “System Preferences” option.

Select System Preferences from Apple Menu in Big Sur

Here, click on the “Sound” button.

Click Sound from System Preferences

Now, from the “Sound Effects” section, select the checkmark next to the “Play Sound on Startup” option to enable or disable the feature.

Click Play Sound on Startup

Your Mac or Macbook will now play (or not play) Apple’s iconic chime the next time your power on your laptop or computer.

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