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How to Remove a Payment Method From an iPhone

How to Remove a Payment Method From an iPhone


Your iPhone makes it easy to add and remove payment methods, so you’re always in control of how you pay for your purchases. If you no longer use a particular payment method, here’s how to remove it from your iPhone.

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You Can’t Always Delete a Payment Method

If you only have one payment method on your iPhone, you must not match any of the following circumstances. If you do, you can’t remove your payment method.

Once you ensure you don’t have any of the above items active on your phone, or you add another payment method, you can proceed to remove the payment method.

Delete a Payment Method on iPhone

To start the payment method removal process, launch Settings on your iPhone.

At the top of Settings, tap your name.

Select the user name at the top.

You’ll see an “Apple ID” screen. Here, tap the “Payment & Shipping” option. Your iPhone will then ask you to authenticate yourself using Face ID or Touch ID.

Choose the "Payment & Shipping" option.

The “Payment & Shipping” page that opens will display all your payment methods on file. To delete a method, tap that method on the list.

Tap the payment method to remove.

At the bottom of the payment method page, tap “Remove Payment Method.”

Select "Remove Payment Method" at the bottom.

Tap “Remove” in the prompt to confirm your choice.

Choose "Remove" in the prompt.

And your iPhone will delete the selected way of making payments. You’re all set.

Later, if you want to add a new payment method, you can do so from the “Payment & Shipping” page.

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