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"Are there network issues?

Printer issues?

Software Issues?

Computer Issues?"

This is Why IT support is Your Best Friend

These are the most common issues all small businesses deal with every day. The concerns of running a business while the office hardware suddenly goes out are always present. Preventing downtime with IT support is your best friend! Why? You won’t have to worry about missing a deadline due to downed equipment.

Identifying & fixing these types of issues with computers is what IT support is all about. Managing a company’s IT infrastructure meaning your servers connected to all office hardware via the internet with on-site & remote support helps get you to work faster when outages happen. There is no new method of Managing IT Support but in our experience, all small businesses that couldn’t afford the high prices of leading IT service providers either worked with in-experienced IT professionals or non-license IT technicians.

Finding a proactive and affordable IT support for your small business can be troublesome but in reality, it comes down to hiring either one full time IT technician or a Managed Service Provider. Small Business have a hard time choosing which is best for their IT needs.

To improve operational & financial performance to your business is our approach to customize and fit your business IT needs. Green Shield Technology provides managed IT support for small business in Southern California who don’t have an internal IT or would like to supplement existing internal IT resources.

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picture of IT Managed Services

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Proactive IT System Maintenance

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Hardware Maintenance

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Windows Security

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Managed Anti-Virus

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Remote & On-Site Support

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Managed Web Protection

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Managed Backups & Updates

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Disaster Recovery

Having a team of IT technicians means you will have your company network and hardware (printers, and computers) all under control.

Let the unofficial IT designee in your office get back to work to their real work while we manage your ongoing IT issues for you. Want to know more about IT Support? Read our blog for more on this service here, “Managed IT.

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