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More Ads Are Coming to iPhone – Review Geek

More Ads Are Coming to iPhone – Review Geek


You may not realize it, but the iPhone contains plenty of ads. Apple uses information like your age, activity, download history, and subscriptions to serve targeted ads in applications like News, Stocks, and the App Store. And despite pushback from users, more ads are coming to the iPhone.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple will add a new advertising slot to the App Store’s “Today” page. This is the “discovery” section of the App Store where Apple’s editors highlight their favorite software—needless to say, it’s prime real estate for a developer who wants to show off their new app.

Apple will also insert ads at the bottom of App Store listings. Previously, we only saw ads in App Store search results, so this is a pretty big change.

It’s also a classic example of the “Apple double standard.” Apple calls itself a champion of privacy, and it recently launched an anti-tracking tool for the iPhone. This tool is so effective that it carved a $10 billion hole out of Facebook’s advertising business. But by default, Apple tracks iPhone users and serves them personalized ads, because Apple’s the good guy!

These new ads will arrive on your iPhone over the coming weeks, whether you like it or not. But you can turn off personalized advertisements to give you some peace of mind. Open Settings, go to “Privacy,” and select “Apple Advertising.” Then, turn off “Personalized Ads.”

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