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Netflix, Twitter and others get attacked

On Friday October 22, hundreds of websites including Netflix, Twitter, and Spotify fell prey to a massive DDoS attacks.  DDoS is a type of attack where multiple systems and or devices which are often infected with viruses, are used to target a single system causing a distributive denial of service attack (DDoS).  The attack cut off access to internet users on the East Coast and across the United States.  There was a total of three attacks that took place over a period of hoursagainst Internet performance management company Dyn.  Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that monitors and routes internet traffic and provides support to eight of the top 10 Internet service and retail companies. Chase Cunningham, director of cyberoperations for A10 Networks, said that although the attacks were “pretty large,” they “didn’t bring anything down for very long.” He also recommended for manufacturers to eliminate the use of default or easy passwords to manage smart or connected devices.   To read more, click here