Ubiquity G4 IP camera with 4K resolutionGetting a video surveillance system seems pretty straight forward. Like most things, however, you can find this gets complicated the more you dig in. Similar to data backup, you can buy a solution that installs and just works. Unfortunately, you don’t realize the limitations or issues with the system until you encounter a problem.

Here’s some things you might want to consider.

1. Where will this be placed?

Start by thinking about where this system and the cameras will be placed. Will the cameras be indoor or outside? Do the cameras need to be weather resistant? Wireless cameras may seem like a good solution at times, but will there be issues with signal degradation? Signal degradation can occur due to distance, or materials in the way. For example, the number of walls, the thickness of the walls and material used on those walls will impact signal strength.

2. Mobile app

Does the video surveillance system you’re looking at have their own proprietary mobile app? Or are they using a generic app? This matters because a proprietary app that was built with the surveillance system’s capabilities in mind will likely have all the features you need. Also check what the rating of the App is in the app store. Are customers happy with the app? Or does it give them constant problems?

3. Live viewing

If your business requires you to actively watch the video surveillance system make sure this capability is built in and works as needed. As much as we like the Ubiquity surveillance systems, you can’t plug a monitor into the recorder. You need a web browser to log in and view the cameras. This comes with issues of its own.

4. Expandability

How many cameras can your surveillance system support? Keep in mind that you may want to add additional cameras later on, will this system support more cameras?

5. Capacity

How much recording capacity do you need? The more cameras you add to your surveillance system the more is being recorded. Eventually the old recording will be overwritten with new ones. If you don’t have enough capacity you could end up with only a few days worth of recordings. Obviously this would be bad if you require a months worth or more.

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