Voice over IP phoneVoice over IP has become over the years a sought after solution for phone communications. This is mostly due to the lower cost associated over traditional phone lines. There are many options for VoIP providers and most offer similar features. Selecting the correct service provider can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

We have partnered with some of the biggest and well known providers in the VoIP industry. This allows us to offer a great selection of choices for our customers. As a VoIP reseller and consultant, we analyze your business model and needs. This analysis then allows us to guide you through the selection process and selecting the right vendor.

Why not call the Voice over IP vendor directly?

When you call a solutions provider, they have one product to sell you. This leads to an obvious bias in what they believe you should buy and works best for your needs. You will need to spend time calling different vendors and comparing the features they offer and prices. Depending on their pricing structure this can be confusing and time consuming. Check out our this post to see if VoIP is a good option for you.

A win for all

When you work with a reseller like us you end up paying the same prices as going directly to the vendor. Our commission is paid by the vendor, as they save money not hiring sales staff. You can be assured to get the best solution for your needs. Our commission is the same across the board no matter what vendor you select. Because of this it’s to our best interest to find you the best solution, not necessarily the most expensive.

There are also self hosted on premise solutions available. Such solutions can be beneficial for organizations that have a large number of users but make few outgoing calls. This option has a larger up front cost as you need to purchase the phones, server, and setup cost. The monthly cost however, are much lower, so it’s worth the investment for the long run.

On premise vs cloud provider cost comparison.

Lets look at a cost comparison for a small office, you can do your own analysis based on this criteria as well.

An office with 10 employees on a cloud hosted provider could be expected to pay $25 or more per phone. Lets calculate based on $25 times 10 users is $250 per month. So on a 36 month contract the company would spend a total of $9000 over that period and continue to pay similar monthly fees thereafter.

A similar small office can expect to pay approximately $4500 for a server and 10 phones for an on premise system, including setup cost. After the call cost is estimated at $0.01 per minute. Even if you spent 8 hours a day on calls between the 10 persons, thats 9600 minutes a month at 1 cent per minute it ads up to $96 per month. Multiplied by 36 months it ads up to $3456 plus $4500 initial cost it’s $7956. Thats $1044 in savings over the 36 months after which your still saving $154 per month over a cloud hosted solution.

The opposite also applies. If your small office functions similar to a call center where 8 of 10 employees spend their time making calls and on the phone, then a cloud hosted solution would be less expensive as most offer unlimited calling.