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Official ‘Star Wars’ Lofi Beats Help You Chill in the Cosmos – Review Geek

Official ‘Star Wars’ Lofi Beats Help You Chill in the Cosmos – Review Geek


It seems that Disney’s on a bit of a music kick. In addition to its Minnie Mouse lofi playlist, Disney is livestreaming a collection of Star Wars lofi beats on YouTube. The chill, spacey music is great for studying, working, relaxing, or stargazing.

The livestreamed lofi beats contain several callbacks to the Star Wars franchise, including melodies (and illustrations) from the original films, The Mandalorian, and The Bad Batch. Oddly enough, The High Republic and The Star Wars Holiday Special are also referenced. Every hour, the livestream switches to a new collection of music.

Admittedly, some of this music doesn’t remind me of Star Wars. I have to skip around a bit to find a melody that I recognize. But that isn’t such a bad thing; after all, this isn’t the Star Wars orchestrated soundtrack. It’s a collection of background music!

If you want to go a bit deeper, Disney also individual videos for each hour-long section of this livestream. I’ve listed each video below for your convenience:

For more Star Wars music, check your favorite streaming service. The original Star Wars soundtracks are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and naturally, YouTube.

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