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Samsung Says It’ll Never Sell Another Galaxy Note Phone – Review Geek

Samsung Says It’ll Never Sell Another Galaxy Note Phone – Review Geek

Justin Duino

We knew this was coming, but now it’s official. The Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone is officially dead. Samsung says it’ll never sell another Galaxy Note phone, and instead, the popular S-Pen touting device will come out as the “Ultra” every year from here on out.

Samsung’s head of smartphones Roh Tae-Moon, confirmed the news while speaking to reporters at Mobile World Congress regarding the fabled phone. For those unaware, the newly launched Galaxy S22 Ultra has all the best Galaxy Note features, including the upgraded display and S-Pen stylus, so it was only a matter of time before Samsung announced the death of the Note.

Essentially, the Galaxy Note smartphone name is dead, but the phone will continue being a staple in Samsung’s lineup every year. In 2021 we didn’t get a Galaxy Note 21, and instead, Samsung waited and rolled all of it into the new Galaxy S22 Ultra. The fact that Samsung’s TM Roh said, “the Galaxy Note will come out as ‘Ultra’ every year from now on” makes things pretty clear.

While the original Galaxy Note came out over a decade ago, back in 2011 with a gigantic 5.3-inch screen, things have vastly changed over the years. With each new release, mobile displays continue to get bigger, and lately, there wasn’t much of a difference between the best Galaxy S phone and the best Note, aside from the S-Pen.

The end of the Galaxy Note brand is the end of an era in a way, although consumers won’t miss anything and can buy the latest Galaxy ‘Ultra’ phone each year. The Galaxy Note family helped make flagship phones what they are today and finally pushed Apple to offer larger screens. Now, it looks like Samsung will continue to push the boundaries, only with foldables, instead of the Note line.

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