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Skullcandy’s Trio of Gaming Headsets Arrive at an Awesome Price – Review Geek

Skullcandy’s Trio of Gaming Headsets Arrive at an Awesome Price – Review Geek


After what seems like an eternity, Skullcandy finally sells gaming headsets again. It just revealed three new headsets, all with killer features and appealing prices. Just try not to get confused about the names—PLYR, SLYR Pro, and SLYR. Hey, at least they’re all multi-platform.

The flagship product in this lineup is Skullcandy’s PLYR headset. It costs $130 but offers Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, personalized sound (thorough an automated setup process), a noise-reducing microphone, simple mute and volume controls, a headband with adjustable tension, and Tile tracking. Oh, PLYR also offers a 24-hour battery life.

  • PLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset — $130
  • SLYR Pro Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset — $100
  • SLYR Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset — $60

Despite the “Pro” name, Skullcandy’s SLYR Pro Wired is the middle child. At just $100, it packs most of the features that are included in the PLYR headset. The only things missing are wireless connectivity and the extra-adjustable headband. (One weird thing—SLYR Pro contains a rechargeable battery for its noise-canceling and the built-in hearing test.)

And then there’s the budget Skullcandy SLYR Wired, which costs just $60. It’s a wired headset, of course, and it lacks any advanced features like a noise-canceling microphone, hearing test, or Tile tracking. But it contains some audio-tuning technology, plus a bi-directional mic. For casual players, this looks like a pretty solid deal.

The new Skullcandy Gaming Headsets are available today at the company’s website. I’m curious to see how they’ll compete with Turtle Beach’s headsets, as Skullcandy seems to be a more recognizable brand among adults and casual gamers.

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