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Equifax Hack

  About 143 million American consumers were affected by the recent Equifax data breach. The breach was announced last Friday.  It was reported that hackers accessed consumers personal information between May and July 2017.  Data accessed included social security numbers. credit card numbers, and in some cases driver license numbers.  That means your information may now […]

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Tips for choosing a Managed Service Provider

  Tips for choosing a Managed Service Provider Managed Service Providers (MSP) design a custom plan to help a business operate more efficiently and sustain business operations at all times. Without Managed IT Services or Technical Support, your company may face losses, frustrations, major fines or even lose valuable customers.  In order to prevent such problems, it […]

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Ways to improve Patient data security

Healthcare organizations need effective cyber security measures. No matter the size of your company, your data could be compromised at any time.  It is crucial for providers to protect and safeguard patient data from any threat.  It seems like almost every day, the media reports on a new cyber attack on a healthcare organization.  Yet, […]

Data Breaches IT Security

Greenway Health Ransomware Attack

Greenway Health, electronic health records and practice management software vendor may be the latest victim of ransomware attack. Greenway technicians discovered the breach after identifying activity that pointed to ransomware attack.  After confirming their suspicions, the company immediately deployed action teams.  They also brought in outside help as rapid response team under contract.  The attack affected […]