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That Email About an Equifax Data Breach Settlement Is Real

Many people are getting emails about an Equifax Data Breach Settlement and wondering if those emails are authentic. As long as it’s from the correct email address, the settlement is real, and you can safely click the link.

The email says that eligible claimants will receive access to Experian IdentityWorks, which is accurate. However, people could be attempting to phish information using a fake email promising something similar, so make sure the email address is [email protected]. Also, make sure any links send you to

It is important to note that you do not need to provide any payment information to enroll, and you do not need to cancel the service when it ends. If you receive any emails regarding an Equifax Data Breach Settlement asking for payment information, it’s a phishing scam and should be ignored.

You will need to have received the email to take advantage of this offer, as there’s a code within each one that grants you access to the special credit monitoring settlement. You’ll need to use the code by June 27, 2022.

As far as what you’ll get, the website says, “This comprehensive product includes credit monitoring from all three bureaus, access to your Experian credit report, Internet Surveillance, with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.* Additionally, as part of the Equifax Settlement, you are eligible to receive complimentary Identity Restoration services.”

The actual breach happened in September 2017, and the settlement was finalized in January 2022.

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Dave LeClair