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"Are you wasting company resources from the lack of employees’ productivity?

With Workplace Productivity Management, we are referring to distractions at work. The most popular are Online distractions, which not only eat up a working day but also poses company security risks and vulnerabilities. Giving employees unlimited internet access in the workplace can be a strain to a company’s IT infrastructure. There are thousands of websites that employees can easily get distracted by. Everything from social media to online news stories can take their attention way from working, delaying projects impacting business performance and profitability.

Low levels of employee productivity = Serious setbacks for your Business

Be in control of what your employees can and can’t do on company resources:

Concerns about the lack of employees’ productivity in the workplace give employers the opportunity to monitor employees at work to prevent productivity loss and any other type of losses like laptops crashing. Enhance the workplace by restricting and blocking websites that are a distraction to employees’ performance.

 Limit your employees from accessing websites that don’t pertain to their job.

Business managers should consider workplace productivity management when the business isn’t functioning to its full potential. Keeping your teams moving through disruptions quickly with digital software tools can be scalable and adaptive for all business sizes. Our experience with small businesses managing workplace productivity usually stems from their employees being sidetracked. The major cause of not being focused are by:

Employees downloading free software is a danger to the company’s IT network. Just one infected company computer can be the gateway open door to spreading any virus causing IT network.

Protect Your Business Assets

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Restrict Download of Free Software on Company Resources

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Entertainment Websites - Restricted

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Social Media Platforms - Restricted

Picture of Internet censorship at work

While guarding against these risks for any organization the availability of technology allows businesses to implement an employee productivity management system.

If your company is interesting in (curbing) personal internet usage during work and the security risks then adopting workplace productivity management for business then contact Green Shield Technology. Read more here on “Productivity Loss Prevention

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