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Backup & Disaster Recovery

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If your IT Infrastructure were suddenly down due to theft or a natural disaster, would you have a data backup and recovery strategy?

If a fire or flood destroyed your office, having your data backup and data recovery equipment on-site wouldn't be enough to save your information and infrastructure. An unlikely situation? 

Maybe. But there are plenty of other risks to your data, including system and software application failures - not to mention attacks from outside your system - that could require days to repair. 

Could you continue to take and complete orders, speak with customers, and grow your business without your critical information? Probably not. Stop putting your business at risk and let us help you build a customized data protection plan. 


Technology Consulting

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Our technology consulting services can help guide your future growth. Whether it's finding the right hardware, software, integrations, deployment or support services, we can help. 


Green Shield Technology

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Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

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Hey, Wait! Before You Go...

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Your Success is a Top Priority!

If you have any questions or concerns, 

Feel free to reach out to us. 

We would love to help!


System Automation

Automated system operations are a combination of both software and hardware that is designed and programmed to work automatically without the need for a human operator to provide inputs and instructions for each operation.

Automated system operations are used in a wide range of applications like control and monitoring systems, data security applications, factory automation systems, automated message response systems and so on. These systems take several system and environmental events as input and perform operations based on conditional decision making and specific control logic.


Productivity Loss

Online distractions not only eat up a working day but also poses company security risks and vulnerabilities. Giving employees unlimited internet access in the workplace can be a strain to a  company’s IT infrastructure. There are thousands of websites that employees can easily get distracted by. Everything from social media to online news stories can take their attention way from working, delaying projects impacting business performance and profitability.


Green Shield Technology: Enabling business owners and managers to concentrate on their business, not their IT

Are you done with network issues?

Our technology consultants can help! We'll review your network, talk to you about your needs, suggest and help implement systems to improve your workflow and processes.

What Can Green Shield Technology Do For Your Business?

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What's a Technology Consultant... 

So what exactly is the Difference between a Technology Consultant And A Technician?

Technicians can fix issues you may have and can implement things you request, but a consultant goes beyond by reviewing your business processes, workflows, and then...

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Through understanding of compliance requirements helping protect your business against threats and legal action.

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Find and suggest the right hardware and software solutions to implement that improve your network stability and business processes.

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Improve employee efficiency through productivity loss implementations and workflow management solutions.

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So...How can You Use IT To Grow Your Business?

We spend countless hours learning and researching new technologies from proprietary solutions to open source and help find and implement the best solutions for our customers.

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If your goal is to Improve & Protect your business infrastructure, we have a strategy for that... 

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If you need to be protected against Cyber-Attacks and minimize your risk and down time, we have a strategy for that...

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If you need to improve your Business Efficiency and lower operating costs, we can help with that too...  

What can a managed IT services do for your business?

Concentrate on Growing Your Business

Outsourcing your IT can help you stay focused on revenue generating activities and reduce overall cost. What’s your time worth?

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Improve Efficiency by Lowering Down Time

We proactively monitor & maintain systems to reduce downtime and can work with software and system vendors on your behalf.

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Be Prepared to Tackle New Challenges

When businesses were forced to support work from home employees, our clients were prepared with the technology they needed. 

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Your Success is the #1 Priority

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Great business relationships are comprised of mutually beneficial successful engagements, we cater to our customers needs & budget to find solutions to their problems & requirements. 

What Are Others Already Saying About Green Shield...

"I am so grateful to Josue and his capable staff for not only helping me getting my small business started, but also in helping us grow over the last year. Thank you Green Shield Technology!" Dr. Yi Zhang

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Very honest people. Not a band-aid shop, but a solutions provider. Well worth reaching out to as a second opinion for projects and contract refreshes. Who knows, they might end up being the primary opinion. - Micah Metroka

Glad that I found these guys, vs other local techs! Honest, helpful and great attention to detail on what was wrong with the network. Our now preferred IT Managed Service Providers, we highly suggest to work with them. Their computer networking and support is ideal to small businesses. Dallas Kesler

Great service! Prompt problem solving. They always make room for you when you have emergencies. Highly recommended. - Santa Martha

Fixed my problem over phone, no charge. I.will never call any other firm. Tried geek squad 2 times prior ... they made a mess of things ... happy to recommend this firm. - Andrew P.

Great service, fixed my computer when 3 other shops said it couldn't be done.      - David Lee

They are very knowledgeable when it comes to computer network security. I highly recommend them to any business for their IT support. Aylen Nolasco

As you can see..

Green Shield Technology Has Already Helped Countless Businesses & Entrepreneurs...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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