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Lets be upfront with what you really get when installing a surveillance system.

  1. Its not a guarantee that a surveillance system will stop crime, it doesn’t prevent someone from breaking into your home or business, but it does work to deter people. So while there are no guarantees, you are less likely to become a victim.
  2. Knowing who’s coming and going. For business use, you can verify employees arrived when they said they did and were where they were supposed to be. In a home you can see who your kids invite over, when and if packages were delivered, and spot suspicious vehicles in front of your house.
  3. Insurance claims. In the event of theft or break in, you can have proof not only that the event happened but also what was taken/damaged for your insurance claim.
  4. There are other uses and reasons to install surveillance systems in businesses based. below you will see some of the features that business specific systems include which you won’t find in residential systems. These systems may include:
License plate recognition

Facial recognition

Ultra low light visibility

POS system integration

Doorbell and access control systems integration

Smart tracking

AI deep learning for better detection

And More

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