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Top Six Security Bad Habits, and How to Break Them

Are you tired of recurring IT issues? And lost Productivity?

If you keep having the same IT support issues, Green Shield Technology is the IT company that can help by finding the root cause and fixing it. We’ll then talk to you about your needs, and suggest long term IT solutions for your business.

Business IT services we offer

Managed IT support

Outsource your IT support to the experts here at Green Shield Technology

IT Support

Remote or on-site IT support is just a call away.

Network Design and support

A stable network with redundancy will lower your downtime and improve your IT performance

Structured Cabling

Low voltage cabling is the base of a stable network

Productivity Loss prevention

Remove distractions and enable your team to access a reliable business IT system

Surveillance systems

Keep an eye on your business assets with the right surveillance system

Why work with Green Shield Technology

Many of the recurring IT problems you are experiencing and require tech support for come from one of the following issues.

IT Company. Protect Your Executives’ Cybersecurity Amidst Global Cyberwar

Bad planning

As an IT service provider we know that most problems occur due to lack of planned implementations. This includes not having redundancy built in, update schedules, hardware upgrades, and software deployments.

Bad fixes

In order to get things working fast many times technicians will find a quick fix or “band-aid fix”. While this is the norm for many IT providers, yes even us, the difference is the follow up. The quick fix should be implemented to get you up and running quickly, while others stop there, we go in after hours when your business isn’t being impacted and look for the cause of the issue to fix this and prevent further issues.

Our IT Company services these areas:

Does your IT company:

  • Take too long to reply or resolve issues
  • Have problems finishing projects on time
  • Have problems finding root causes of reoccurring issues and only apply band-aid fixes
  • Not understand your regulatory requirements
  • Not send you reports to demonstrate your security posture is good
  • Not meet with you to review your IT and offer suggestions
// Calling us costs you nothing, so what do you have to lose?

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What are others saying about Green Shield Technology?

Emilia Clarke
Dr. Yi Zhang
Client of Company
"I am so grateful to Josue and his capable staff for not only helping me getting my small business started, but also in helping us grow over the last year. Thank you Green Shield Technology!"
Emilia Clarke
Micah Metroka
Client of Company
Very honest people. Not a band-aid shop, but a solutions provider. Well worth reaching out to as a second opinion for projects and contract refreshes. Who knows, they might end up being the primary opinion.
Emilia Clarke
Dallas Kesler
Client of Company
Glad that I found these guys, vs other local techs! Honest, helpful and great attention to detail on what was wrong with the network. Our now preferred IT Managed Service Providers, we highly suggest to work with them. Their computer networking and support is ideal to small businesses.
Emilia Clarke
Santa Martha
Client of Company
Great service! Prompt problem solving. They always make room for you when you have emergencies. Highly recommended.
Emilia Clarke
Andrew P.
Client of Company
Fixed my problem over phone, no charge. I.will never call any other firm. Tried geek squad 2 times prior ... they made a mess of things ... happy to recommend this firm.
Emilia Clarke
David Lee
Client of Company
Great service, fixed my computer when 3 other shops said it couldn't be done.
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