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Properly designed and installed

Structured cabling is as important to your network as the rest of the infrastructure. A well designed and planned out installation will not only look clean but ensure reliability. Some of the issues you can find include using the wrong cable types for your installation, for example

Non-shielded cables in a warehouse with lots of electrical machinery will result in interference which will affect the speed and reliability of your connections.

Indoor cable for exterior projects will lead to early deterioration of those cables which will need to be replaced sooner.

Code violations can cost you in case of disasters. If you have a fire that spreads fast due to using cables with the wrong fire rating could lead to your insurance not paying for damages, fines, and maybe even legal action against you.
Costly downtime and even data loss due to someone unplugging the wrong cable by accident if they aren’t properly labeled.

Messy cables in a server room can disrupt air flow causing you systems to overheat and slow performance.

Pulling a cable from a tangle of messy cabling can cause unnecessary stress and damage to other cables.

// Don’t stress

We have you covered

Our professional installers can run cables for your computer network, install cables for your security surveillance system, VoIP phones, and more. We pride ourselves in doing clean installations using structured cabling standards and design the installations for future growth.

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