IT Support For Accountants

Managing an accounting firm with so many client documents to save, organize, and store securely with an unreliable IT network can be stressful. The accounting industry needs a unique set of technology requirements. Green Shield Tech’s IT Solutions and IT Support for Accountants can keep your IT network running smoothly.

IT Solutions that Matter to CPA/EAs

Don't let your accounting or CPA firm business suffer when deadlines come up. If you are currently or have ongoing IT issues it's best to contact an IT support company for accounting offices. Green Shield Tech helps small accounting/cpa practices like yours operate with no interruptions even at your busiest times throughout the year. 

IT Consulting For Accounting

Need consulting for your accounting practice? Connect with one of our reps to help you with any of your IT needs.

Cyber Attacks against Small Businesses

Did you know that small and medium-sized businesses are the most targeted in cyber attacks? Accounting Firms, CPA, firms, and Financial Services are especially at risk since Personal sensitive information such as Full names, date of birth, Social Security numbers, Banking Information are highly valuable on the dark web. Cybercriminals are banking on finance data. Does your accounting practice have a robust level of security in place to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in your IT network?

Financial Services Hit With Cyber Attacks
External Cyber Attacks to the Financial & Insurance Industry per Verizon 2020 DBIR 64%
of Breaches were Financially motivated
0 %

Managed IT Support For Accountants

Full IT Solutions that Make a Difference in Accounting & CPA firms

Data Backup & Recovery

Client files, bookkeeping, banking information, and all of the other mountains of data that relate to accounting must be kept safe, redundant, and available for recovery at a moment's notice.

Don’t let an internet outage, power outage, or other unexpected disaster punch you in the face when all your up-to-date bookkeeping files and client data get lost. Those bookkeeping files are the lifeblood to your accounting practice to operate. Do you have Saved Data Backups of those bookkeeping files?? No?…
Green Shield Technology has a strong and reliable strategy in place for data backup and recovery. Our data backup & recovery for accountants help with the right IT solutions and IT Support for Accountants.  Our backup systems have your accounting, CPA office data safe and secured in case your equipment malfunctions.

Vendor Management

We're Familiar with Most Accounting Application Vendors

Green Shield Tech is partnered with various vendors in each industry such as Accounting and CPA professionals. Our vendor management stems from hardware and software tech support needs for troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, and connectivity. Let us handle all your IT issues and worries with any equipment slowing you down from meeting clients and accounting deadlines.

Computer Maintenance

We Update Your Computer Systems For Better Work Productivity

Green Shield Tech will routinely update all your business computers (laptops & desktops) to the latest security version.   

Accounting IT Support for Computer Systems Accounting Software Bookkeeping Data Backup Business Productivity


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