IT Security

“American Dental Association Inadvertently Mailed Malware-laced USB Drives”

The American Dental Association announced that a percentage of flash drives included with the 2016 CDT manual were found to have malware. The 2016 CDT manual included a credit card-sized USB storage device in the back pocket that contains an electronic copy of the book. The discovery was made in early March of 2016, and the American Dental Association already took steps to notify customers, re-sellers, and distributors of the problem discovered. The distribution of the 2016 CDT manual began in late 2015, and although an anti-virus should detect the malware if present, the American Dental Association is still advising dentists who have not used their 2016 CDT flash drive to throw it away. Instead, customers were given a link to an electronic version of the 2016 CDT manual to use as an alternative.  For the full article, click here