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Apple Brings Back the Black Magic Trackpad and Mouse – Review Geek

Apple Brings Back the Black Magic Trackpad and Mouse – Review Geek


We saw a ton of new products at Apple’s Peek Performance event, including the Mac Studio and iPhone SE 5G. But one announcement may have slipped under your radar—the black Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. That’s right; Apple is bringing back the darkness.

Most Apple products in the Mac family are white or gray. There are some exceptions, like the M1 new iMac or the classic iBook, but these are colorful outliers in the world Apple design philosophy. One of the most unique outliers, though, is the black MacBook. It debuted in 2006, and it never returned.

Needless to say, Apple has a weird aversion to the color black. And that aversion has affected all of its products, including the Magic Trackpad and Mouse. These peripherals were once available in a dark Space Gray, which was discontinued several years ago despite its popularity. Now, the dark Magic Trackpad and Mouse are back, and they’re actually black this time!

But are you willing to pay a premium? Apple is charging $20 extra for the black version of its Magic Mouse and Trackpad, bringing their prices to $100 and $150, respectively. (To be fair, that’s less than some eBay sellers ask for the Space Gray versions of these products.

You can now order the black Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse at the Apple store. Bear in mind that these aren’t upgraded versions of the Magic Trackpad or Mouse—they still recharge over Lightning cable, and yeah, you can’t use the mouse while it’s charging.

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