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There are many companies advertising do it yourself (DIY) websites and most offer these sites at a substantially low price range when compared to professionally developed websites. Hiring a developer or a company to create a custom built website for you may not seem appealing in comparison however like most things in life you get what you pay for. This isn’t to say DIY websites are bad however and what option is right for you really depends on your needs. This post will do a comparison and provide some examples on when one might work better than the other.

The DIY route

The largest advantage you get is the low price tag associated with this type of website which has much to do with the fact that you are doing most of the work. You start with picking from their list of templates, selecting the images, colors, and finally content for your site. If you get bored or tired with the design, you can go back and redo it at no additional cost.

Another advantage is the short development time of these sites, since you are using an already built template and likely were inspired by the looks of this finished product you may not change much on the color scheme or images so you can likely finish your site and put it online fairly quickly.

Because this type of site normally includes a plethora of extra code that is necessary to provide you the easy drag and drop design tools used to create your site you normally end up with poor search engine optimization (SEO) which is the methods or strategy implemented within a website’s development to get better rankings on search engines, better rankings then lead to higher placement of your site in search results. There are many things involved within SEO and clean code is only one of them however for the purposes of this post we wont touch on all other aspects of it. Because you worked from a template there is a high probability that hundreds of other users have sites that look just like yours and you may be limited on customization options.

DIY websites are recommended for personal uses where you already have interaction with your sites potential viewers. Interacting with potential viewers means you can give them your site’s domain this works if your website is strictly informational.  An example includes creating a site for your kids little league team where other parents can check in to see the schedule and other information about the team.

Professionally developed websites

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If your sites purpose is to reach an audience you don’t have contact with such as potential customers, or leads its important your website is SEO friendly. SEO friendly sites are optimized to get you listed on search engines in front of users looking for exactly what you are offering or selling.

The company or developer creating your site should understand the techniques used to create SEO friendly sites and the experience to guide you with creating the perfect design to reach your specific market. This means working with someone who can tell you that while your idea might be good it’s also not going to be the most effective and then can provide you with options to find that happy medium.

Designing a custom website gives you a unique look that is adaptable to your business needs and can easily scale with your company, this will take longer to plan and develop keeping in mind important aspects of your site such as load times, fluid or responsive design techniques that allow your site to be easily navigated from multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, and SEO. This also adds a larger price tag to your overall cost however if done correctly your new customers will make up that difference and provide you with a good ROI.

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