The Importance Of Tracking Online Marketing Strategy Results

There are thousands of strategies you can use to promote your business. But, one of the smartest things a business owner can do for his or her business is to manage and keep track of the results from those strategies.  Why take the time to correctly develop a business marketing plan, if you are not going to track results?  It’s common, marketing mistakes happen, but if you are not tracking results you are not marketing. Tracking will help you evaluate your marketing efforts.  If you correctly study the results, you will understand what is working and what is not.  There are many tools available to help you track the results of your marketing campaign, let us go over a few. 

Google AdWords

Most business owners have heard about Pay-per-click, PPC.  PPC and display ads through Google AdWords are excellent tools to use to help attract traffic to your site. AdWords provides a variety of metrics to track the performance of theses ads.  Yes, take advantage of that!  These results can give you a lot of great information like the percentage of people who saw your ad or clicked on it.

Social Media Marketing ROI

In today’s world, social media marketing is a must.  No matter what you sell and who your target audience is, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand.  Not only will social media boost your site’s SEO, it will also generate a lot more traffic from your target audience.  Although many businesses do have social media pages and use them as a marketing strategy, many are not tracking results from those strategies.  Measuring social media marketing success by only counting “Likes” and “Followers” does not give you the overall results.  It takes more than that.

So how do we really measure social media marketing?

There are three key measures to monitor: Reach, Engagement, and most importantly Conversion.  First, monitor your Reach, this is the number of people you impact with your social media content.  Secondly, monitor your Engagement, this helps you understand how many people interacted with your message. Last, monitor Conversion, how many people took the next step to get on your “leads” list and eventually become a customer? Social media marketing can lead to real relationship building, as long as you are doing everything correctly.

Website – Total Visits

Measuring the total number of visits will give an excellent idea of how well your marketing campaigns are bringing traffic to your site.  Based on those numbers you will understand what is working and what is not. In a healthy marketing campaign, you should expect your total number of visits to grow steadily.


Developing an online marketing plan requires a well-studied plan.  Not tracking results from that plan will only lead to difficulties. Without being strategic, companies will have a very hard time online marketing effectively.  Marketing results are just as important as a strong online presence!





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