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How to Delete All Emails Under a Label in Gmail

How to Delete All Emails Under a Label in Gmail

It’s very easy for your Gmail inbox to get out of control. Labels are a great way to keep things organized, but they’re handy for more than that. We’ll show you how to send all the emails under a label to the trash.

It’s a lot easier to batch delete a bunch of emails organized under a label than to do it manually, page by page. You don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting the wrong emails, either. You’ll be able to decide if you want to delete or archive the emails.

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First, navigate to the Gmail website in a desktop browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, this can’t be done in the Gmail mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Go to the label that contains the emails you wish to delete.

Select the label.

Click the empty square icon on the left side above the emails. This will select all the emails on that page.

A message will appear above all the selected emails with an option to “Select all ### conversations in [label name].” Click it.

Tip: If you have a lot of emails under the label, it may take some time for this option to appear. Hold tight.

Select all the emails.

Now, with all the emails under that label selected, you can click the delete or archive icons.

Archive or Delete the emails.

That’s it! All the emails you selected will be deleted. If you have a very large number of emails, it will likely take a little longer for them to be deleted.

Remember that, since the emails are sent to Gmail’s trash, you won’t immediately recover the storage space associated with them. They’ll be automatically deleted after 30 days, or you can immediately empty Gmail’s trash.

Emails can take up your Google account storage, so it’s a good idea to routinely clean things up.

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