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Our Favorite iPhone SE Clear Case Gets a 30% Discount – Review Geek

Our Favorite iPhone SE Clear Case Gets a 30% Discount – Review Geek


If you plan to buy Apple’s shiny new iPhone SE or even have the old one, you’ll want to keep it protected with a case. Clear cases are a popular choice, and our favorite clear case for Apple’s small phone is 30% off for a limited time.

We’re talking about the ultra-thin, super-tough iPhone SE clear case from totallee. It’s one of the thinnest cases around, meaning it’s perfect for minimalists or those that hate thick and bulky cases. While it’s regularly $39 over on Amazon, to celebrate the launch of the new iPhone SE, you can save nearly $12 by using the coupon code “SAVE30SE.”

And while there are several excellent iPhone SE cases available right now, this model has been tried and tested and around since the iPhone 8. Yes, the new 2022 iPhone SE 5G uses the exact same design as the original iPhone 8 and the 2020 iPhone SE. The same great case from several years ago fits the newest SE.

If you’re not a fan of cases but know it’s essential to keep your investment safe, the totallee thin case is exceptionally slim, and you’ll barely even notice it. That’s what makes it such a great option. It’s thin yet still strong enough to protect the phone from life’s daily wear and tear. Plus, you’ll like having a clear case showing whatever iPhone SE color you choose.

The other two reasons we recommend and love the totallee clear case are the rubbery textured finish on the back that ensures you won’t drop the phone, and the quality materials used that won’t yellow or discolor over time. We’ve all seen those clear cases that almost look translucent brown, which won’t happen with this one. So, grab your own for 30% off between now and March 23rd from the link below.

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