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Tern Debuts a Comfortable and Foldable E-Bike for Cities – Review Geek

Tern Debuts a Comfortable and Foldable E-Bike for Cities – Review Geek


If you live in a city, or at least spend lots of time working and navigating around in one, a quality e-bike can be an invaluable asset in helping you get around. Urban mobility specialist Tern just unveiled its latest e-bike, the Quick Haul, optimized to ease your city commutes.

“The Quick Haul is how an e-bike optimized for city life should be designed,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “It should have a low step-through frame for convenience; it should have plenty of room to carry stuff or even an extra passenger; and it should be built tough, so you can count on it for reliable long-term usage. And it should be compact so it can easily navigate stairwells, elevators, crowded bike parking areas, and busy streets.”

The impressive new e-bike lineup hits the ground running with two models, the D8 and P9, and will start at $2,999. The D8 features a Bosch Active Line and a 1 x 8 drivetrain, while the P9 sports a Bosch Performance Line or Performance Line Sport (Class 3) and a 1 x 9 drivetrain. A third model, the P5i, is slated for a Europe-only initial release, with more markets opening up later down the line. This model features a Bosch Performance Line, Shimano Nexus 5 hub, and a Chain or Gates belt.

Tern is working to create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable future centered around the bicycle. It wants to make bicycles a better mode of transportation to help people travel more by bike and less by car.

The company states that e-bike colors and model specifications may vary depending on the region and that the bikes are “priced right for the future E-Bike Tax Credit,” should it pass. We can expect bikes to start arriving in stores sometime in Q2 this year.

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