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Thanks for visiting and learning more about Green Shield Technology. We deeply appreciate all of our partners, clients, customers, fans and followers; and especially within the area of IT, we are impressed with your dedication to learn, adapt and grow your business. 

This is our mission and vision, or let's put it this way, the reason WHY Green Shield Technology was created in the first place. But before we get to that, I can remember when I first graduated from college and was new to the IT field, I was excited to help companies be more efficient and adaptable to the overly expanding IT world. 

Now, let me fast forward many years. I noticed that my enthusiasm for technology was diminishing. I was lacking that “spark” I once had being a newbie in the field. It bothered me so much it forced me to sit down at home and figure out what was happening. I had fallen into offering the same service as many of my competitors. I was hired to fix a problem and did just that. I fixed it and moved on to the next job. I found this to be dull and boring and didn’t offer the VALUE I wanted to create for my customers.

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I began speaking with customers and asking WHY are things set up this way, why do you operate the way that you do? Many times the answer was simple, that's how we’ve always done it and it just works. So after doing some research I thought I can help them get better, I can show them what tools are available to help them manage their network and business better, then help them implement them. This is what I found out about myself. I wanted to do the best job I possibly could for people, for our customers, clients and business owners. I did not want to take short cuts. I wanted to get to the root of the problem and totally fix it. But more than that I wanted to become a partner they can count on, and want to work with.

This is what I noticed within my experience: 

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Large Companies vs Small Businesses: Large companies have a large budget that go into R&D and improve processes and workflows that make them more efficient and competitive. Smaller companies tend to do things as they’ve always done them, and fall behind when it comes to implementing new technologies. 

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Many IT companies are fighting to lock in contracts with the large companies that they seem to forget that Small Business Owners require the same level of commitment, and service.  

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Lastly, the Quality of Service: it is not enough that small businesses are already neglected but now lets add in poor quality of service. While other IT companies are doing band aid fixes, knowing the customer will eventually call back and produce more billable hours, we work on finding and fixing the root cause of the problem to reduce future downtime. 

Green Shield Technology was created to fill the gap in service that currently exists. Our goal is not to sell business owners a quick fix to whatever their current issue is, but to help them grow by reducing their downtime and through the power and implementation of new technologies wherever possible. By speaking with business owners and getting a better understanding of how they do business and their day to day processes, we can guide them through the implementation of automation, and process or workflow management solutions that can help them manage their business better. We can supplement that further by managing their IT infrastructure in a proactive way, reducing downtime and giving them peace of mind so they can concentrate on running and growing their business.

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I prefer to think of small business owners as our partners and not just clients. This means also knowing and understanding when a company is not a good fit for us, and through our consulting services helping them find the right provider for their business needs.

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