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Working Remotely Security Series

Working Remotely Security Series Working Remotely or as the popular term ‘working from home’ is still present during these uncertain times, we have transitioned our customers to a proactive business approach with enhanced IT network infrastructure. Telecommuting is nothing new but with the sudden statewide orders and mandates in California and many other states. It […]

IT Security

IT Security Solutions (MSP Advantages)

IT security solutions are a hot growing topic this year but unfortunately, it’s not the top priority to small-medium sized businesses. As most are struggling to choose which budgets to keep and cut. We found a majority of small businesses don’t have an internal IT technician or IT department. They instead find and reach out […]

Tech Tips

Do you need a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool that allows users to connect to the internet through a secure, encrypted connection. There are several reasons why someone might want to use a VPN: When choosing a VPN provider, there are several things to consider: Overall, a VPN can be a useful tool for protecting your […]

Tech Tips

Can’t type in search box Windows 10

The search box in Windows 10 is a great feature that I use daily. It allows me to quickly find and open programs, settings and options, and more. This also means I don’t need to clutter my desktop with program shortcuts. Overall it’s probably one of my favorite features in Windows 10. Unfortunately I ran […]