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We Left Lastpass 2 Years Ago; Now You Should Too!

Exodus, the famous German security firm, carried out a thorough investigation on the popular password app named LastPass. They accused this password-managing application of collecting and sending user’s data to their server. The firm stated that LastPass had seven built-in trackers that assist it in data mining. Although the LastPass app lets its users disable […]

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Nvidia security flaw affecting Windows and Linux devices

Nvidia fixed vulnerable high-risk security issues that could have affected Windows and Linux devices

The Nvidia security flaw affecting Windows and Linux devices exposes these two operating systems to potential cyber-attacks. These security risks could have allowed escalation of privileges on Windows and Linux devices if the developers did not patch them. Nvidia security vulnerabilities patched Nvidia had recently processed a large-scale patch when they encountered flaws that were […]

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two-factor authentication for logging into your business or personal online accounts

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Security Options and How to Enable

Two-factor authentication (2FA) doubles up on your application’s security by protecting your user accounts when signing in beyond what using just a password can protect. Two-factor authentication isn’t a new concept either, Basically, 2 factor means you need 2 items to complete the login or authentication process, something you have, like a debit card and […]