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We Left Lastpass 2 Years Ago; Now You Should Too!

lastpass-logoExodus, the famous German security firm, carried out a thorough investigation on the popular password app named LastPass. They accused this password-managing application of collecting and sending user’s data to their server. The firm stated that LastPass had seven built-in trackers that assist it in data mining.

Although the LastPass app lets its users disable the trackers, these trackers can still be potentially harmful to the users – putting them at immediate risk. These trackers can collect your private data such as mobile operator information, device ID and IMEI, LastPass account type, Google Advertising ID, and other valuable information.

Some of these Lastpass trackers are built solely for Google Analytics and obtain crash reports, while others collect information and serve it to AppsFlyer, MixPanel, and Segment. Segment and MixPanel would then use the user’s profile to make targeted ads.
However, LastPass’s spokesperson defends the company and states that these trackers are merely used to improve UX (user experience). He also assured that their trackers had leaked no sensitive data. He further stated that users could turn off these trackers from their phone whenever they desire by going into the app’s settings and turning them off in the privacy section.

What’s The Solution?

The solution is quite simple – replace LastPass. I stopped using it and opted to install Keeper instead about 2 years ago. My reasons for switching were based on a business need and not based on security or privacy at that time. We since then became resellers of keeper, this post isn’t sponsored in any way by them nor am I trying to sell anyone here a subscription. We only sell this service to our current customers. Having said that let me explain a bit about my reasons for switching.

For me, Keeper became a perfect LastPass alternative, it allowed me to manage user accounts for my employees. This includes setting up policies on password preferences, such as whether they can share, re-share, create or modify passwords. As an MSP reseller we can now also do the same for our clients. Keeper has a built in security report that gives us insights as to which users are utilizing weak passwords, and on what sites. The report includes information about how many websites are sharing the same passwords, and makes it easy to fix this and change passwords across sites.
Keeper is affordable and provides more control for businesses than LastPass.

Here’s some of the features Keeper offers that make the platform an attractive choice. There are plenty of other password managers in the market and I’m not saying this is the best one, it’s just the right one for us based on our needs and budget.


Keeper provides stellar compatibility with popular browser extensions, OS, and Mobile devices. Keeper has also introduced KeeperFill, a browser extension that automatically fills the user’s login info, so a user doesn’t have to type the password.
The Keeper App is compatible with Google Play, Microsoft Store, App Store, etc., and it also runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Keeper and KeeperFill both save the users from forgetting their passwords and putting them individually each time. It syncs passwords swiftly and secures them from any other device. You can log in with the one-click technique with Keeper.

Secure Sharing

Keeper makes it easy for you to share your passwords across other trusted devices. You can sync your Keeper account and passwords on multiple devices. You can also customize permissions from other devices. In the family mode, you can also create sub-folders for even better access.
When we compared LastPass to Keeper, we found that Keeper provides all of Lastpass’s features and more.


Josue Nolasco

I'm a former US Marine infantryman who made a switch to IT to provide cyber security services to SMB's. I'm as much a child of technology as I am of the great outdoors. I like spending time playing, experimenting with, and learning new technologies and whenever possible taking camping trips with friends and family.

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