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Alphabet Employees Forming A Union

The Alphabet Workers Union

‘Google Activism’ is a term many of you have been aware of. From time to time, Google employees’ resilience against their own company has made it to the tabloids. This time, those employees have decided to take a step further.

Recently, a group of employees working at Google formed a union. Although, this Google Union was one of its kind as no such steps were taken in the past. This union paved the way for a new wave of activism as more than 200 workers joined hands to speak out.

What Was The Motto Of The Google Union?

This union’s motto was to organize the workers working both for Google and its parent company Alphabet. It’s estimated that approx 132,000+ workers work at both companies. The union, consisting of 200+ members, will pay 1% of their 1-year annual base income and bonus. The sum would be consumed for the betterment of the employees.

The Alphabet Workers Union also elected their leader and a board of directors. The union will make sure that there is no place for workplace harassment, low wages, racism, unethical experimentation, and that more female workers would become a part of the organization.

How Did It All Happen?

The series of unfortunate events at Google started way before the movement took place. For instance, a crowd of more than 20000 Google employees walked out of their offices to protest against sexual harassment cover-ups in the company.

Another event took place when Google was alleged to have questioned and fired their employees for involving in workplace organizing. Other workers also faced backlash due to speaking against racial discrimination and unethical use of AI for the military.

Google has responded to the allegations and denied most of the charges. They also made amendments and implemented new rules to cool the activists.

What Does The Future Hold For This Tech Industry Union?

Unlike previous ones, it seems like this new union will pay off that failed to create a big impact. The policy changes inside Google are a piece of speaking evidence for this. Let’s see how big this Google Union turns out to be in the future.

You can read more about the issue and likely any new news on the subject over at Reuters.


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