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Secure Office 365 Emails through policies

Regardless of your business need or industry your organization belongs to, data security will play a role. How big of a role depends on many factors including your needs, regulatory and governmental requirements, and the needs of your clients and partners. Security can be very broad and there are many layers to consider. In this […]

IT Security

We Left Lastpass 2 Years Ago; Now You Should Too!

Exodus, the famous German security firm, carried out a thorough investigation on the popular password app named LastPass. They accused this password-managing application of collecting and sending user’s data to their server. The firm stated that LastPass had seven built-in trackers that assist it in data mining. Although the LastPass app lets its users disable […]

Tech Tips

Alphabet Employees Forming A Union

The Alphabet Workers Union ‘Google Activism’ is a term many of you have been aware of. From time to time, Google employees’ resilience against their own company has made it to the tabloids. This time, those employees have decided to take a step further. Recently, a group of employees working at Google formed a union. […]