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a comparison of similar looking domains with letters replaced for other characters

Beware of Cyber Squatters

Have you ever searched for a specific website but landed on a completely different one after misspelling a letter or two in the URL? This deceptive tactic is known as cybersquatting. This practice not only jeopardizes the online presence of businesses and individuals but also poses a significant challenge in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber […]

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Doctor treating a patient

Your Doctor has a headache and here’s why

Long story short, your doctor is probably suffering right now like many others due to a cyber security issue that’s affected them for the last few weeks. No, your doctor wasn’t hacked, but they also haven’t been paid for a while. Running a medical practice isn’t cheap or easy but it’s worse when you don’t […]

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implement multi-factor authentication is best for businesses online accounts for its users, vendors to secure network and data in preventing a data breach

Why Do Businesses Need to Implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

Businesses need to Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). How so? With the various security measures available on every program and online accounts offered. By implementing MFA it improves the security posture of your organization from cyberattacks. That being said does your business only use passwords to log in to their specific user accounts, and other online […]

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CityScape scaled $25.6 Million USD stolen using Artificial Intelligence.

$25.6 Million USD stolen using Artificial Intelligence.

In yet another alarming instance of cybercrime, deepfake technology has been utilized to orchestrate a staggering financial fraud case in Hong Kong. This incident highlights the increasing sophistication of malicious actors in leveraging AI-powered deception to perpetrate scams, with significant financial repercussions. Reportedly, an unsuspecting finance worker employed by a multinational corporation fell victim to […]

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