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Employee Productivity Management

Employee Productivity Management

Employee productivity management is a high priority for business operations and in most cases employees can easily get distracted. From surfing the internet on the latest news to online shopping are a few possible slowdowns your business will and most likely experience. Another factor is giving employees unlimited access to the internet on company property will put your business at risk accidentally or intentionally. Employers can’t really monitor their employee’s online activity all day long, so that is where employee productivity management comes in.

What is Employee Productivity Management

Employee productivity management is monitoring and managing your employee’s daily job tasks on any device they’re using during their hours at work. Enforcing the company’s policy and procedures when using authorized work devices is highly important for a business’s reputation. Whether you’re starting out a business or increasing staff personnel many business owners are in search of a monitoring employee internet usage or how to block unnecessary online activity. Both are a great start to productivity loss for the employee and business. Prevent productivity loss from your employees by removing access to specific sites (of your choosing) and block them out on the company’s smartphones, on-site and remote desktops. Restricting the internet saves and protects HR, and IT department’s trouble in the long run.

Productivity Loss Statistics

Lost in productivity in the workplace by employees is costing your business thousands of dollars either per day, per month, and per year. According to TeamLease, The World of Work Report states that around 32% of the total time spend on social media during working hours is used for personal work indicating a huge loss of official resources and productivity. Additionally, 13% of the total productivity is lost owing to the social media indulgence alone. Depending on your business type, office, retail, delivery truck drivers, etc. business owners can track and measure employee’s activity on work devices and networks. A preventative tool for their employee’s devices is to restrict and block access to certain websites during work hours.picture of Employee Productivity Management distraction at work

How to Prevent Productivity Loss

Small businesses and organizations always need a strategy for how they can increase productivity or how it can be improved. A constant main concern for business owners is, “I pay you to work and you’re slacking off or using company property that is unrelated to our work. They can be on Facebook on their own time but not on my dime.” Reduce distractions such as limiting internet access to certain websites. Websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, etc., on company property. This prevention is called URL, web, and internet filtering.

Business owners should limit and restrict employees from:

  1. Access to Social Media
  2. Forms (Reddit, 9gag, 4Chan, etc.)
  3. Job application sites
  4. Entertainment & News
  5. Video Platforms (Free & Subscription access)
  6. Personal Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

Reasons to Manage Employee Productivity

Business owners want to increase productivity by minimizing their employees wasting time doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing. One reason to manage employee productivity is to protect company assets and reputation. Previously mentioned departments (HR & IT) are part of their responsibility for the company. For HR it can be a sensitive personal issue. For IT it can be an IT network vulnerability issue. To prevent your business IT network to suddenly go down by a computer virus or cyber attack vulnerability.

  • Data Breaches caused by Virus or Malware Infection
    An employee downloads free software or application on a company’s laptop they use during work without appropriate approval. For example, downloading a pdf converter, or downloading a free antivirus scanner results in a data breach.
  • Security Threats caused by Unauthorized/Hacked Employee Account
    An employee downloads spoofed and fake music applications for unlimited playing songs or opening personal emails at work. For example, the employee accessing their personal email at work for a few minutes on company property and IT network, both the network and data are exposed to security threats.

An employee productivity support for your business

Improving employee productivity is something business managers should consider when the business isn’t functioning to its full potential. Employers generally have the right to monitor employees as they perform their work. There are negative impacts on business productivity with low levels of supervision. Social media sites are one of the biggest distractions in the workplace. Do you have any internal policies for employee monitoring? Are you wanting to prevent productivity loss with your employees?

For small businesses, it’s great to be in control of your employee’s work devices. Keep your distracted workers off social media and entertainment sites and have them focused on their work. Using a productivity loss prevention tool that tracks, measures, and monitors employees’ performance saves any business productivity. Have the right tools and equipment to improve your workplace and employee productivity with the help of an IT professional or managed provider. Learn how Green Shield Technology can improve your small business workplace productivity.


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Josue Nolasco

Lets Wrap this Up…

Wow! This was a lot of information and thank you by the way for hanging in there as it may cause information overload. I am joking by the way but it is important for you not to overwhelm yourself. Lets do a brief review, remember, employee productivity management is monitoring and managing your employee’s daily job tasks on any device they’re using during their hours at work. Plus, enforcing the company’s policy and procedures when using authorized work devices is highly important for a business’s reputation. Further, restricting the internet saves and protects HR, and IT department’s trouble in the long run.

Furthermore, thanks again for taking your time and gaining some knowledge about Employee Productivity Management. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a no obligation chat. You can contact us here.


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